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Caring about you for 25 years …

March 15, 2012 Leave a comment

A small Clinic in the name of Medi Clinic opened its doors to the Maldivian public 25 years ago on 15 March 1987. Located in M. Thilafihige, the small beginning of ADK’s healthcare history marks it’s Silver Jubilee today. Indeed, today, the ADK Hospital is the largest private healthcare provider and shares close to 40% of the entire healthcare provision in the country.

A small beginning with just a single doctor, ADK thrived to continually improve and expand its services over the years. A number of services needed for the Maldives have been introduced through out its History, and as a result ADK Hospital is now gearing towards attaining its vision. A vision “to be the leading healthcare provider in the country through innovation and excellence.”

ADK represents the initials of Abdul Rahman Don Kaleyfaanu, father of the founder Mr. Ahmed Nashid and father-in-law of Late Hassan Ibrahim. Courage and determination to succeed, ADK has become a household name today. A brand that is well respected and looked upon by the general public. In order to achieve this success, many people have dedicated their services to this institution over the years. Many staff have been loyal, enthusiastic and dedicated that some of them have served for the entire 25 years. It is only opportune and fitting that we take this opportunity to mark their service and contribution and thank them for their loyalty. Thank you all those who have contributed in anyway to make this institution so significant.

If it wasn’t for our customers, the ADK brand would not have come this far. The confidence and trust that people have put upon the institute is noteworthy and we take this auspicious occasion to dedicate our appreciation to all those who have come through our gates and gone home happy, satisfied, undecided or, well not so impressed. Thank you and our commitment is renewed to serve you even better in the future.

The future is promising too. ADK is currently embarking on new projects. New projects based on research into the Maldivian community and their needs. New interventions that are not available in the country will be introduced. To mention a few, in the next couple of years, ADK Hospital aims to introduce cardiac catheterization, artificial reproduction therapy, old age care services and also an institution within the ADK premises for training of health professionals. We are committed to continuously serve the Maldivian people and assure you that we will set new benchmarks in health care in the Maldives.

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Policy against harassment

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By: Ahmed Afaal, MD

In the Maldives, there is no requirement for policies to protect employees from undue actions that can be considered harassment. The current Employment Law does not mandate the employers to develop and implement such policies to protect employees rights. Perhaps, our culture has taken it for granted that these are trivial issues. Issues that is not a problem or even perceptions that it doesn’t exist. However, if we look closely to our work environments, harassing behavior towards each other in organizations are apparent, but many a time it is simply just brushed aside.

Establishments for in house counseling and grievance mechanisms are very few. At ADK Hospital we believe that  the work environment of our hospital requires a climate where staff feel confident, reassuring  and safe. The most productive and satisfying work environment is considered to be a place where  work is accomplished in a spirit of mutual trust , respect and dignity. Staff should understand and be informed of harassing behavior towards them and a mechanism to address it within the organization.

In light of these needs, ADK Hospital has developed and implemented a policy against harassment at workplace. In a effort to take good care of our employees, this policy face a challenge due to the endemic culture of giving a blind eye to such problems. The Management though is committed to face this challenge and set a benchmark standard in the Maldivian workplace to overcome harassment and reassure the employees of their right to be harassment free.

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Renal dialysis

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Renal dialysis is a service that is highly needed in the Maldives. For those people who require a renal dialysis due to renal failure, a continuous regular service needs to be provided safely so that their life can be continue normally.

In the Maldives, renal disease is highly prevalent and the need for dialysis keeps increasing day by day. At present, the Maldivian health system barely copes with the need and many patients seek service abroad on a routine.

ADK Hospital has had a history of providing this service. In the past, renal dialysis was provided at the hospital and had to be discontinued due to many unforeseen reasons. However, ADK Hospital’s commitment to bring this service back as a normal operation of the Hospital never faded away and as a result, today, the Hospital has re-initiated the services with modern technology.

The service was inaugurated in conjunction with the celebrations of ADK’s 25thanniversary in health care.

A regular dialysis patient, Ms Fathmath Rasheedha inaugurated the service on 15 March 2012. The patient also was the first patient to undergo renal dialysis at the current settings at ADK. She expressed her appreciation and thanks to ADK for giving her the opportunity.

ADK Hospital plans to further improve the service and increase the capacity of the dialysis services in the future.

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Professional development training program

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Modern working environments are dynamic and sees continuous change in the operations towards attaining efficiency and effectiveness. Specially in larger organization, such dynamics are more apparent. Hence, change in individuals’ knowledge, understanding, behaviors, skills – and in values and beliefs are crucial aspects for gearing such dynamism and change in the organization. It is very often that assisting staff to reach these expectations are forgotten.

ADK Hospital over the years have had a realization of the importance of such development is staff. Hence, a number of training and development programs are conducted. Some general, some specific and some highly technical. At present, ADK Hospital is conducting a program aimed to asset all staff in developing their communications skill and professionalism.

Stratified into batches based on the level of their hierarchy and area of service, these trainings are conducted by local professional experts in the area. The initial batch consisted of a group of general service staff and the second batch a group of mid to senior level staff. The outcomes of these trainings seem to be excellent as per the comments and actions of the participants. More batches will continue these trainings till a full cover of all staff are attained.

The challenge though is to continually practice the skills learned in these trainings. Time and feedback from the service users will reflect the impact of these trainings.

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i Counter

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In the main face of this Hospital, a proper point to provide information to service seekers had been lacking over the years. In fact this is one repeated point for improvement that patients have communicated to customer relations.

The Hospital also recognises the need for such a service and have been challenged to introduce such a point at the expense of service counters due to space limitations in the past. However, with the new developments,

adequate space has been created to introduce this service. Hence, on 15 March 2012, the hospital has implemented the services of an on-site information counter to make it easier for patients to seek required information.

Dedicated staff will work in the counter for 16 hours a day from 0800 to 2400 hours. The Management is confident that patients will utilize this service responsibly and cooperate with the staff so that any assistance provided by the counter is beneficial.

There is a plan to introduce further measures to provide information, both on site and off site to patients so that they will be able to access the services with more knowledge of the operations of the Hospital

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Respect for Colleagues

March 15, 2012 Leave a comment

By: Ahmed Afaal, MD

An organization’s work doesn’t revolve only about what is done in the organization. Having guidelines and protocols on how to do things in an organized manner is no doubt an important part of any organization to optimize its efficiency and output. It seldom though that organizations, especially in these parts of the world including Maldives, that organizations really dwell onto the softer side of its operations. The softer side of the working environment. How we treat each other.

In healthcare this becomes even more important. let alone the respect that you have to show to your patients, respect among the professional team is equally important. The sad truth, though is that our work place cultures have to undergo a ra

dical improvement in this front. Unfair discrimination, bullying and or behavior considered harassment, are in fact very apparent in most of our work places. It makes it worse when managements and the staff find it hard to accept these facts, which again is commonplace in our workplaces.

At ADK Hospital, being a large and growing organization, we believe that such behavior by some staff members

towards others, knowingly or unknowingly are evident. And it is in this respect that we believe that we should take proper action to minimize such behavior in the workplace. We believe that there should be proper awareness among staff on such issues, and there should be proper mechanism to register such complaints and address it too.

Getting along with your colleagues are important. Good workplace relationships can help you perform better in your job and make going to work an enjoyable experience. It is no different in the healthcare setting. Given the stress and tension that we work through each day, these relationships help reduce stress and improve our diligence at work. Respect is the foundation of such relationships.

In this regard, the Hospital has published a guideline on Respect for Colleagues. It is of course and achievement for the organization but it can only be celebrated when the staff are are acquainted to this guideline and the actual practice of these become everyday norm. Good patent care is no doubt enhanced when there is mutual respect, fairness and clear communication between all professionals involved in the care of patients. We believe that this guideline will lay the stone to develop and enhance the culture of respect with in the organization. Appropriately, our first core value of the organization states, “PEOPLE – we RESPECT each person as a member of the hospital community.”

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CSR – as always …

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In year 2009, ADK Hospital took an initiative to conduct a general health screening program for all primary school entrants in Male’. In this regard, the Hospital conducted a scenting program for all grade 1 students in Male’, Vilingilli and Hulhumale’. It was a very successful program that the government eventually decided to take up the model and conduct the program with the participation of other service providers, which in fact is a good initiative from the Ministry.

ADK has ever since supported the program and have been involved heavily in providing technical support as well as the actual implementation of the program. This year, ADK Hospital conducted the program at Imaadudhin School and Kalaafaanu School. A total of 256 students were screened. A 3 member team from the Hospital went to the schools and conducted the program. The main concerns from the program were that a significant number of students were having dental problems and also poor weight gain. Given the type of problems that were more apparent, parents were counseled on ways to prevent and care for such problems.

The Hospital is committed to participate in such social activities and will continue contribute to matters of social significance.

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